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Coated Sheets

Can sheet 2 loads week on premises
This is an actual photo of 65 x 90 cms two out

DISCOUNT ASK PRICE We ll sheet to size depending upon
mill origin. 2021


For 2021- We sell sheets and rolls to Mexico, Colombia Portugal, Spain, France-most markets . You have to take a range such as 45 cms-100 cms width and we ll put together full truckloads. Clients like our 70 gsm matte which is a fantastic sheet, made in the United States.   Includes Certificate of Origin! Export only.

Can sheet for Portugal Spain France UK
Can ream wrap exceptional presentation

Above :  Excess rolls, carefully checked and sent overseas.
Below:  Final result - rolls are cut and final product is perfectly strapped on pallets in ream wrap or sheets for high volume printing without ream wrap. Product goes with detailed labels.

Sheets/reams from excess rolls!
Extreme makeover!

Please note:
These are typical offers we have throughout the year. Specific lots get sold and change. But you can get a good idea of what goes in and out - what the clients get: good clean rolls and sheets well below prime pricing.  Most of our clients do repeat business.

Pallets are new-straps etc.


Matte Coated Cover Stock.  270 gsm.  81 x 58 cms short grain.  135 metric tons. (32 x 23"  around 300,000 lbs.  100# cover) See Photo on left. 


Coated Gloss Sheets - "Industrial coated"New pallets have arrived. Woodfree Coated. Made in USA. 86 ISO bright.  Cu19 x 25 etc. Mix of long and short grain 70 80 100#  Ask for LOWprice. Good reliable service.  


For  example- We ll confirm pricing- you reserve tonnage! ASK PRICE 28 x 40" (70 x 100 cms sheets)Coated Groundwood Sheets. Premium quality. Heavily discounted-bright white high gloss by major US mill.  60 70 75 and 90 gsm .  About 50  m/t month available. First come , first serve basis. Excellent opacity. High quality for sheetfed color printing-excellent for sell sheets, magazines , brochures and direct mail!! Exceptional discount- we can't write it down here!  Both US and European mills, along with excess US printer lots.  Clients appreciate our detail oriented sales approach!


Please ask We have limited quantities of Woodfree Coated Art Paper on Skids- This is a mix of 60 70 80 lb text and then some Cover (65 and 80lb)-Prime but excess mill stock- We can deliver this around ASK PRICE- it s a nice lot for a commercial printer to have extra stock on hand. East Coast or Midwest/Southern delivery.
We have any size WF Coated 2 side sheets- can deliver at very low prices. Nice quality Midwest, East Coast etc- sheets cut to your size. 60 70 80 lb glossy or matt finish. Fast turnaround prime and spot lots.

Paper for Sale - Job Lots



Two color 1976 Heidleberg for Sale:  70 x 100 cms (28 x 40 cms);
Unit is in very good condition and can be seen running. It was rebuilt six years ago.  Also has a special anti-dusting vacuum unit which was added only two years ago valued at over $10,000 usd.  This is from a client of ours in Canada who has just bought a four color Komori unit.  They are high end packaging printers.  The asking price is $30,000 usd. More photos available.


We have sheeter reels available in Antwerp for our European clients. Prime stocklots. Gloss and matt. Stocklots-no mill guarantee.



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