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USA Newsboard

Cartoncillo reciclado- se aceptara pedidos para la exportacion.  Tambien, la fabrica esta en venta- incluye clientes, edificio, y maquina 15000 pies mas cortadora, y maquinaria auxiliar.  Una base de clientes sumamente solido con la posibilidad de facturar hasta un 40% mas sin modificar el actual proceso de produccion.  La materia prima viene gratis de fabricas alrededor, y la fabrica es autosuficiente a nivel energia.  El precio andara alrededor de un millon de dolares USA.  Para mas informacion, pongase en contacto con o fabrica directamente: Sr Hull Fax 00-1-914-758-6321.

Mill is now producing Chip Board and News Board for domestic and export -for pricing contact or directly with mill in Red Hook, New York USA for FOB price.  Export is cash against documents.

This Board mill is FOR SALE- Contact :  Barry Hull at the mill: 
Tel 914-758-6321 (USA)
Fax 914-758-6321 (USA)


Mill features a Black Clawson Board Machine
Newsboard and Chipboard

The Red Hook boardmill, of New York produces both Newsboard and Chipboard for both domestic use and export.  This is an extremely efficient mill featuring a 60" trim width Black Clawson board machine, an 8 foot Black Clawson pulper among other features.

Mill capacity is 15 tons of converted board daily

Mill is actively taking orders. Also, the mill is for sale, with no outstanding debts and no unpaid invoices. Featuring a strong client base including accounts such as Quebecor, the mill includes the pulper, hi density cleaners, the 5 foot board machine, slitter winder and sheeter, among many other features including the forklift.   Includes the entire 15,000 square foot building.  Raw materials are free from a neighboring tissue mill, the mill has selfgenerating power source with abundant water, and meets all environmental requirements.

Raw material-sludge from nearby mills


Products manufactured are :
Made of 100% post consumer waste- consumer news mixed with sludge by-product taken in from other paper mills.
End use:  This is board for industrial pallet covers and interleaving and seperator sheets by printers and other industries- binderies etc.
Customer base includes Salt producers , large printers etc.
The environmental SPEDES for the State of New York is approved and valid from 1998 for 5 years.


For orders and sale information, contact
Jeff Miller